Miracles- Community Bible Church Letters (Continued)


Dear Max & Sherry,

Words cannot express my thanks or my experience there at your home.  You both truly have a gift from God.  Your love for Him glows over your entire place.  What a wonderful love!  I pray that God will use you to touch the lives of many, through your beautiful art and your anointed words.  Thank you so much for opening your lovely home and tender hearts to the ladies from Community Bible Church in San Antonio .  My time there will forever be burned on my heart and mind, and I thank you for that.  In His love & mine,

Vicki Marquez


Dear Max & Sherry,

What a blessing to see your artwork this past weekend.  Thank you for letting us all comes to visit.  Thank you for being such willing servants to the Lord and for praying over us.  This is what happened to me: I have had a long-term family genetic back pain under my shoulder blade.  It’s a nagging pain that I have learned to tolerate.  On Saturday you prayed for muscle and bones.  I raised my hand to claim that healing.  The pain from my back and down my legs immediately left!  Praise the Lord, He has healed my body.  All the praise and glory be to Jesus Christ.  But, thank you for being willing to pray over us and for being willing to allow us to visit your ranch and see your artwork. The Lord bless you richly,

Malesa Smyth


Dear Max & Sherry,

Thank you so much for allowing us to come to your ranch and opening your ranch and opening your home.  What a blessing to us.  Sharing a part of Mt Sinai with us and a little of heaven, was heavenly.  God is using you and your ministry.  Thank you for saying, “yes” to God Saturday afternoon. I will never forget my experience at this ranch.  I know you are just His keepers – but thank you for letting Him shine through you.   In Him,

Rosemary Mathis


I just wanted to thank you for the unexplainable experience we had on your ranch yesterday.  There really are no words for what I felt there, I heard someone say it was like being on Holy Ground.  Which I think is a very accurate description.  What an awesome feeling it must be to know you are in such close company with God, and He is so easily able to communicate to others though you.  What a blessed life you lead.  Thank you for offering up your home and time for us, it will be an experience I will never forget. Thank you again so much, God bless and keep you safe,

Staci Pierce


Max & Sherry,

I just wanted to thank y’all so much for having us out on your ranch.  It was an amazing experience.  I am a new Christian still searching and the whole experience has reaffirmed me.  It was my divine moment!  I just wanted to send a note of special thanks to you and your wife for your gracious hospitality.  It is an experience I will never forget! Thank you and God bless y’all.

Monica Crawford


My dearest Max & Sherry,

I had the honor of coming to your ranch this past weekend with the ladies from Community Bible Church .  I will never be the same again.  I experienced something I’ve never experienced in my life, complete joy and utter surrender to the Lord.  I had the privilege of sitting next to Max as he prayed for all of us ladies.  He ever so gently laid his hand on my shoulder and started to pray.  The first thing he prayed for was all the lost husbands and as he said this my whole world collapsed.  You see, my husband proclaims to be an atheist, but after 14 years of marriage and countless hours of praying, he actually attended a Bible study last Thursday with me.  This was absolutely monumental, and after Max’s prayer I feel that he actually does believe, he just hasn’t professed it yet.  You also prayed for us that were in financial bondage and that was me you were praying for also.  So many times when you prayed for something specific, you were talking to me.  I believe you are living on Holy Ground and wonder if you ever considered opening up that portion of your property to the public?  I believe countless lives would be surrendered to the Lord, and so many lives saved on that site.  I continue to pray for you and Sherry and everything she copes with on a daily basis.  I just wanted to thank you for opening your home to us and for blessing us with your prayers that were right on.  I have told anyone and everyone who would listen about this truly amazing place and more importantly, the “Shekinah Glory” that rained down on us that day.  Again thank you for your great hospitality and your incredible love and dedication to the Lord.  Prayerfully yours,

Name withheld here for privacy


Mr. Greiner,

I am not even sure where to begin.  Thank you isn’t enough.  I was at the Women’s Retreat with Martha this past weekend, and because of the number of women that were traveling out to your ranch, I decided not to go.  When the ladies started returning, I started hearing amazing stories about what they saw and experienced.  My heart sank.  I told myself that I was where God wanted me to be, and that it would be all right.  Then, I started hearing more stories of people’s experiences on Monday at work.  (I work at CBC) I thought to myself, when I get some quite time, I am going to pray about this.  Monday came and went.  I prayed but didn’t feel like it was the right moment to ask for such a blessing.  Yesterday, as I was driving to go vote, I got a call with some not-so-good news about some financial decisions I was obedient about.  I started to pray and was very emotional, so I pulled into the Home Depot parking lot.   I thought, okay, I am going to do this.  I looked at my hands, front and back, and there was no sparkle, no gold, and no glitter.  I closed my hands and began to pray that I could experience God in this way.  After I prayed, I opened my eyes and hands and couldn’t believe what I saw!  My hands had fine sparkle dust all over the palms!  To say the least, I was overwhelmed with emotion!  I didn’t want to touch anything.  It was amazing!  Thank you beyond words for opening your home to our group and for allowing such an experience to manifest.  I pray that someday I will get the chance to visit your beautiful ranch and to meet you and your family.  Shining in His light,

Brenda Jaire


Dear Max & Sherry,

There are no words to describe the time I had with God at your place.  I have told everyone that prayed for us that weekend and anyone else that came along.  … Thank you both for your warm loving arms of Jesus.  In Christ Alone,

Nancy Campos


Hello Max & Sherry!

I just wanted to thank you both for opening your home to us!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of the wonderful things God is doing!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when the “glitter” appeared on all of us.  What a faith lift.  I was telling my husband about this amazing experience and I told him that it wasn’t the ranch that made God’s glory appear, it was how God is so welcome there.  I realized that I need to daily welcome God into every aspect of my life, and not to hide any part from Him.  As we were discussing this, the glitter began to appear on both of our hands.  We were both in awe of God’s greatness!  The glitter also appeared as I was praying tonight.  I don’t know how long this will last, but I am thankful that God has chosen to reveal Himself to me in this way.  I don’t need glitter as proof of my God, but it is a miraculous sign.  I love looking at my hands and being reminded that God dwells within me!  Thank you so much for being a vessel of God’s good and perfect work!

Mrs. Jeremiah Campbell


Dear Max & Sherry,

What an awesome God we serve… I am already praying about our retreat next year.  I do not know where or what the format will look like.  I keep thinking that the only way God could possibly top this year’s retreat would be to rapture us during the next one.  Praying for your family,

Martha Fisher


Max & Sherry,

I am so amazed and overwhelmed with the glory of God today.  Since our Women’s Retreat to Kerrville , and the visit to your ranch (which I missed) a couple of weeks ago, I believe God has laid it upon my heart to seek you out.  I am struggling with several things in my life, including depression.  I am in my early forties, never been married and never had children.  I feel I have nothing to show for my life.  I am normally a happy, bubbly person, but today I was feeling so sad and very down, that I did not want to go to work, and let people see me this way.  Since I received your catalog recently, my mother wanted me to call and place an order for her.  When I did, I spoke with a lady; I think her name was Sue.  She was so pleasant to talk to.  I tried to sound as pleasant as I could, and did not tell her how I was feeling.  However, she reminded me that Satan is always around trying to defeat us.  When I got off the phone, I was inspired.  I decided to look up your website and read about “Becoming Empowered”, and also about the “Glory Dust”.  I prayed the “Prayer of Empowerment” and thanked God, in the name of Jesus for all His blessings.  I then went outside and looked at my hands.  I saw tiny specks of gold and silver!  I gave thanks to God for showing me His glory.  I also used scotch tape to capture some of the specks and placed them in my Bible, next to Isaiah 60.  After that experience, my depression went away and I felt so blessed and happy.  Max and Sherry, I thank God for your obedience to Him.  He is using you in amazing ways to reach out and help others, and bring them to Him.  I am blessed,

Name withheld here for  privacy


Dear Max & Sherry,

I went to the Community Bible Church Women’s Retreat this year… I had prayed Saturday morning that God would move in a supernatural way for me and the other women that attended the retreat this year.  It was a sheer blessing to meet you both, to be able to go to your home and studio (what a privilege), to see the beautiful art and to have you pray for us (thank you).  I have told several people about all the miracles and stories you shared with us (Sherry’s animals, your water well, the gold dust and your amazing, inspiring art).  Your testimony alone has reminded me of God’s power and move in this day, and gives me encouragement and faith for my own life.  I read your documentation about the lab analysis of the golden dust and it is such a phenomenal thing that God does.  It was beyond words to know God manifested Himself that day to us.  I was exciting to see the golden dust on the other women and how we kept getting excited to see it on each other.  Thank you for your prayer, but most of all, glory to God.  … Again, thank you for the blessing and privilege of sharing your life and ministry with us.  I believe God moved in a fabulous way that weekend, and still is.  God bless you and your family,

Peggy Goodwyn-Vidal

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