"The Shekinah Glory Prophecy"

PROPHECY TITLE:  “The Shekinah Glory”


RECEPIENT:  Max Greiner, Jr. (Age 47)

DATE GIVEN: August 12, 1999

LOCATION:  Kerrville , TX


“Now (about) Max.  If I had favorite children, he would be one of my favorites.  When I say “Go”, he goes; when I say “Come”, he comes; when I say “Pray”, he prays.  When he is sure it is My voice he hears, he does not hesitate, he just obeys.  He is the source of great pleasure to Me.  His child-like faith is a joy to behold.  I know he has been hurt by his church.  I share his pain.  But, he must love them and pray for their fears.  Be assured, it is I that manifests My glory in the sparkles that appear on my children.


This prophecy was given by God to Nancy Scroggins, Max’s accountant and friend, at 6:00 AM on August 12, 1999, while she was praying.  This prophecy about the Greiners was preceded by an earlier “word” Nancy received from the Holy Spirit,  in answer to her question:  God, why is this golden dust appearing?” 

At that time, God answered Nancy’s question as follows:  “Because man values gold.  It will get man’s attention, saved and unsaved.” 

The subsequent “prophetic word” about the Greiners was unexpected by Nancy on the morning of August 12, 1999.  Nancy delivered the message at 10:30 AM to Max at her office later that same day. 

This “confirmation” message came five months after the Shekinah Glory miracle began with the Greiner family.  The visible, manifest glory of God first sprinkled an unfinished bathroom in the Greiners’ new studio/home, on March 7, 1999.  The passive solar “green” home which Max designed, had been prayerfully dedicated to the Lord by the Greiners on March 29, 1998, one year earlier.  Max was able to lead seven carpenters to Christ, during the construction process.  So, the Holy Spirit felt very  welcomed at the Greiner home/studio!

 The sparkling glory dust first actually formed, out of thin air, on the floor while Max was praying.  Then, the tiny sparkling substance quickly started forming on the walls, doors and counter of the bathroom.  Max called his wife, Max, Sherry and their teenage daughter, Diana Shay who watched in amazement as the “glitter-like” particles formed around them.

Nancy’s timely “word’ was a major reassurance to the Greiners, who were being criticized by some of their church leaders for even witnessing the unusual miracle.  However, knowing the miracle occurred as they worshiped or lifted up Jesus, the Greiners were convinced the miracle was from God, not Satan.  The devil doesn’t bring praise and souls to Jesus!

At the time of the Scoggins prophecy, the Greiners still did not know if the sparkling substance was actually real gold, or some other precious metal.  It wasn’t until September 23, 1999, that Max learned the substance was “not any known element in the universe”, according to Texas A&M University, scientists!  It was a “new created substance,” according to scientists.  Each tiny particle was covered with a shiny metallic material, while the interior was found to be ”unknown oil molecules!”

The Shekinah Glory dust miracle has continued to this very day in the life of the Greiners.  It has literally formed on tens of thousands of people, believers and non-believers, alike as the Greiners witness about the miracle and Jesus Christ.  They know this is a genuine “last days” miracle, as predicted in the Bible.  The Greiners have used the incredible miracle to bring thousands of souls to Jesus Christ in salvation.  The miracle is a demonstration of the power” as Paul speaks about in 1 Corinthians 2:4.  This dramatic miracle has allowed Max to lead many out from false religions, cults and even witchcraft.

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