Angel Orbs: Letters From Skeptics

A Christian Perspective By Max Greiner, Jr.

Letter From Matt

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 From: Matt
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 7:42 PM

 Subject: Angelic Orbs


The pictures of angelic orbs look like light artifacts from dust, aberrations on the lenses, light leaks, etc (i.e. cameras do sometimes lie). I've seen some very bizarre photos with unexplained phenomena in them, but the ones you posted on your website are common occurrences.  Dust will reflect the light from the flash back onto the sensor, lens flares occur from the various (and especially non-ambient) light sources in the room, and lenses will have their own flaws that can show through in particular shots. Also, most common point-and-shoot digital cameras are self-adjusting with respect to shutter speeds and aperture widths, and are not always perfect from shot to shot.   I'm not looking to dispute the signs and wonders movement, but I think there should be some concrete evidence supporting supernatural phenomena ( i.e. we can't entirely ignore the natural phenomena, though some of our perceptions of  it may be an illusion).  Of course all of this is just my mildly educated opinion--reconciling the intellect and faith is truly challenging (at least for me).  I have enjoyed your page very much, which is why I feel compelled to let you know about the photography stuff.

 In Christ,


Dear Matt,

Thanks for your thoughtful and wise advice regarding evaluating "Orbs" in our photographs. I too had to consider all the various natural explanations of the strangle circles of light.  I have been doing photography professionally since 1974, using all kinds of cameras and film, and have probably taken close to 100,000 images over the years.

I am familiar with all the possible causes you have suggested, and they can all be a valid cause of a photographic anomaly.  In addition to my own personal experience and research, I have been consulting with other professional photographers and photographic laboratories across the USA . When all the facts are presented, none of these photographic experts are able to provide a scientific explanation for the bubbles of light that are appearing in our photographs.

Tens of thousands of people are taking photographs of Orbs of light, all over the world right now.  Currently, the internet search engine, "Google" reports that an average of 12,347 "searches" of the word "Orbs" is occurring every day.  This is just the activity on one of many search engines.  People from all walks of life are apparently trying to figure out why these halos of light are suddenly appearing in their flash pictures, when they weren't there before.

 Some Orbs can certainly be explained by the causes you mentioned. However, as you know, these "explainable" Orbs are very rare occurrences, even if you shoot thousands of pictures.  This is why I created a page on my website, which shows "Naturally Explained Orbs". These natural causes must be considered and ruled out before other explanations can be considered.

Please allow me to address the possible causes you have suggested:

 1.  Faulty Camera Equipment -  This cause can quickly be ruled out  because multiple photographers, using both digital and film cameras, are able to capture the same Orb images, at the same time, wherever the phenomenon is occurring, if they are using a flash.

 2.  Defective Film or Processing - This is not a possible cause, in cases where no film or developing occurred, or where digital cameras recorded the same round images of light.

 3.  Light Flares & Lens Leaks - Multiple cameras would not be able to duplicate the same light effects.  Not all cameras can be "leaking light" at the same time.  In addition, many of the unexplainable Orbs are photographed in total darkness - there is no other light source, other than the camera flash.

 4.  Flash illumination of Close-up (Invisible) Particles -  Naturally explained Orbs of light can be easily photographed and reproduced by shooting a flash camera into rain, mist, snow, sleet and other liquid particles floating in the air.  However, this moisture is usually very obvious to the photographer at the time.  The illumination of dust and pollen is much more difficult to photograph, even if a handful of dust or powder is thrown if front of the camera lens, which would be very visible to the naked eye.  However, it is certainly true, at times moisture and dust particles can appear as round Orbs of light in a flash photograph. Large rain drops can appear exactly like the supernatural Orbs, however, large water drops are required.

Moisture or dust particles must be present in large quantities, and they must be photographed at very, very close range, in front of the camera lens. Many of the unexplainable Orbs of light are being photographed indoors, in closed rooms.  Dust and moisture particles are very unlikely causes indoors. In addition, photographs taken seconds apart can be absent of Orbs, and then full of Orbs a few seconds later. Pictures of floating particles photographed in rapid sequence would show the same light effects.

Finally, if indeed some type of moisture, or dust particles were able to be photographed in a closed room, with normal cameras, all of the naturally explained Orbs would have to be very close to the camera lens, to be illuminated as Orbs.  As a result, all of these Orbs must be very close range to the camera.  Therefore, Orbs that appear a great distance away must then be optical illusions.

How is it that we have photographs of Orbs, half hidden behind people and objects, at a great distance?  These photographs would be impossible to take, if the Angelic Orbs were actually tiny particles floating in the air, right in front of the camera lens. This evidence alone proves these Angel Orbs are not tiny, unseen microscopic particles floating in front of the camera.

Matt, now allow me to further explain why many of the Orb photographs being taken today, by thousands of people, are supernatural:

1.  Orbs respond to prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ - I have taken photographs which were normal and then prayed in the name of Jesus, for God to put some of His Angelic Orbs in the photograph.  I shot the next picture, seconds after the first, and the Orbs of light appeared in the following photo.  Other Born-again Christians are doing the same thing, and getting the same results.  Followers of Christ are doing the experiment I suggested, at the end of my essay on Orbs.  They are praying that God let them photograph these Angelic Creatures, and God is allowing this to happen. These people are getting photographs of the Angelic balls of light, floating around their homes and families.  This is the case of Ryan and Nicole Huff.  You can read their story, and see their photographs on our website, located at "Supernatural Orbs Photographed By Christians".

2.   Orbs respond to the worship of Jesus
t - I have noticed, as have others, that the number of Angelic Orbs in a room often increases, as praise and worship of the one true God, (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) increases.  I have taken photos in churches where few or no Orbs are present. However, when the Saints begin to praise and worship God, in unity of the Spirit, the Orbs appear. As real worship of God increases in a group, the number of Angelic Beings often increases.  It also appears that the Orbs increase in size and brightness, changing from transparent to opaque during worship.

3.  Orbs respond to sincere, "faith-filled" ministry - I  have also noticed that where ministry and prayer is occurring, in the name of Jesus, the Angelic Orbs congregate.  They also appear larger and less transparent, many times, as ministry occurs.

4.  Orbs appear to follow passionate Christians - During my own efforts to understand this phenomenon, I have observed that the Angelic Orbs often follow, or hover over "on fire", genuine believers in Jesus Christ. I have been able to photograph Spirit-filled Christians, "lost" in the worship of their God, with their eyes closed.  Most of the time, a single Orb can be photographed floating over the top of their head, or right next to them. These Christians are not just singing a song, or doing something "religious."  They are worshiping Almighty God, in spirit and truth. They are touching the heart of God with their prayers, worship, ministry and lifestyle.  They are the "real deal", genuine Spirit-filled Christians, and God is pleased with them!

5.  Orbs perfectly fit the visual description of the Prophet, Ezekiel - In my search to better understand this Orb phenomenon, I prayed and the Holy Spirit directed me to the Scriptures in Ezekiel 1: 15-22 and 10: 6-22.  The old Jewish Prophet describes "Angelic Creatures" as circular "wheels, that are Living Creatures, covered with eyes on their four rims or rings, which travel with the Holy Spirit of God, and His other Angels. They can move in any direction without turning, and can intersect with each other, as they sparkle brightly.  The Orbs may even be the "Cloud of Glory" (Eze 10: 4), or the "Cloud of Witnesses (Heb 12: 1), as described by the Apostle Paul. See the close-up photos of Orbs on this website.

Matt, I don't have all the answers.  I am just trying to understand the Orb phenomenon like you.  However, I do know God is using the Angelic Orbs to bless many Christians, comfort them, and increase their faith in the supernatural kingdom of God.  He is also now using the Orbs to draw non-believers to Jesus Christ, and the Gospel. The New Age and occult crowd have been aware of these strange balls of light for years.  They believe in the Orbs, but they reject Jesus Christ as God.  The Holy Spirit is currently using their curiosity about the supernatural to bring them to the Savior, Jesus Christ. The same curiousity about miracles brought thousand of people to Jesus two thousands of years ago!

Currently, our website's Orb essay is drawing hundreds of people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which we clearly present.  These New Age and false religion believers are being presented with the truth about Jesus. Most of these people would not consider listening to the personal testimony of a Christian, or hear the Gospel via the traditional methods such as churches, missionaries, evangelists, radio, TV, books or magazines. However, God is using the Angelic Orbs to capture their attention, so they might have the opportunity to know that God loves them, the God of the Bible, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Matt, our family has been living with the supernatural miracles of God since 1976. (See my essay on "Prophecies to the Greiners").  Every single day, since March 7, 1999, we have been experiencing the "Shekinah Glory" of God, sparkling dust particles that looks like glitter, or glitter make-up. This sparkling, supernatural substance forms on and around us, and others, as we proclaim Jesus is a miracle working God. (See "The Shekinah Glory Dust Miracle" on our website.)

Finally, Jesus Christ said that many would miss the "hour of their visitation". He also said many would "hear and see, but not understand", what He was doing in that hour.

I know that I want to be closer to God, and not miss out on anything He wants me to experience in this life.  I no longer try to make God conform to my limited Biblical understanding, and my theology.  This is why back in July of 1989, my wife and I prayed for God to release the supernatural "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor 12). As a result, we have personally experienced eight of the nine miraculous gifts. (See "Becoming Empowered" on our website.)

To determine if a miracle or person is from God, we now do the "Jesus Test".  We "Test the Fruit and the Root."  If the Fruit is good and the Root is Jesus Christ, then we realize that we maybe experiencing a genuine, supernatural miracle of the Holy Spirit Himself!

Matt, I hope this explanation of the Orbs has been helpful to you.  We Christians should always "test the spirits" as the Bible says, and be wise, discerning and harmless. However, when we find that the Holy Spirit involved in a situation, we need not fear.  His ability to lead His children is stronger than Satan's ability to deceive us.  Satan desires that all Christians avoid the supernatural power and authority God.  He knows that weak Christians, that don't understand the supernatural power and authority of God are easy targets, and poor examples of "Christian Spiritual Warriors".

God bless, prosper and guide you in your search for truth.

Yours In Christ,

Max Greiner, Jr. Designs

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Click on image above to enlarge.

Notice in this photograph (taken by Mrs. Joie Pirkey) that an Angelic Orb is half hidden behind the little girl. This photo proves that the Orbs are not tine particles of dust floating in front of the camera lens.

Orbs shaped like six-sided hexagons are not supernatural. They are a natural photographic effect which results when a camera len is pointed toward a light source.

Natural Orbs can be photographed during a rain storm, if a flash is used. The flash reflects light off the rain drops.

Rain drops photographed at night with a flash can appear very similar to authentic, supernatural Spirit Orbs.

At the Church of God Convention in San Antonio, August 2008, an Angelic Orb is positioned between the lady in white and Max's son-in-law, Justin Evan, as they view Max's sculpture of "The Great Commission"®.

Notice in this photo that an Angelic Orb is behind Philip Jimenez as he worships Jesus Christ. This photo proves real Angel Orbs can not be tiny dust or moisture particles in front of the camera lens. (Click on image above to enlarge.)

This picture shows another Angelic Orb, partially hidden by a banner, at the international convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, held in Orlando during February 2007.

This rare photograph shows an Orb passing through a wall. Notice the left edge of the Orb at the top.

During the annual convention of the National Relgious Broadcasters held in Orlando, Florida during February of 2007, Max was able to phtograph numberous Angelic beings floating over his Christian artwork.

After an hour of praying in the dark at his campfire patio, Artist Max Greiner, Jr. got the idea to take a photo, to see if any Angel Orbs were in the area. None were present.

After examining the digital camera display and finding no Orbs, Max prayed in the name of Jesus Christ that God put some in his next photograph. Several Orbs immediatley appeared upon request!

On February 18, 2007, the Artist photo-graphed these Angelic Orbs floating over Christian radio and television broadcasters at the Israel Tourism Breakfast, held in Orlando, Florida.

Max attended the "Reclaiming America" conference at Coral Ridge Ministries in Fort auderdale, Florida in March of 2007. Many Angelic Orbs hovered over hundreds of Christian evangelical activists seeking God's intervention for this country.


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