Eagle Bronze Foundry


Eagle Bronze Foundry, of Lander, Wyoming first began casting Max’s bronze sculptures in 1990.  The foundry, owned by Monte and Beverly Paddleford, had only opened for business five years earlier, in 1986.  God, Himself brought the Greiners and the Paddlefords together, through an incredible miracle.  God supernaturally directed the Artist to select Eagle Bronze out of nine foundries, to cast his first monumental bronze sculpture, “Divine Servant”®.  Ironically, the Paddlefords, who are dedicated Christians had already received a prophecy that they would soon meet an Artist named Max who would havea major effect on their business.

Today, Eagle Bronze is one of the largest art foundries in the world.  It casts some of the largest bronze sculptures in the world, for some of the most famous Artists in the world.  The sculptures cast by Eagle Bronze, from miniature to gigantic, are literally all over the world, in the collections of Presidents, Popes, Governors and Movie Stars, among others.

Monte’s wife, Beverly Paddleford always wanted to create Christ honoring bronzes, like Max.  Through another amazing miracle involving Max in 2000, God answered this prayer for Beverly, who is now creating sculptures featuring Jesus.

It apparently was the will of God that the Greiners and Paddlefords work together, to communicate God’s love and messages, through the lasting medium of bronze.

(Pictured above)  In February of 2000, longtime Greiner friend, Jim Beard (left) joined Max for his trip to the Wyoming foundry.  Also pictured here is Jim Paulus, foundry manager, and foundry owners, Monte and Beverly Paddleford.

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Click here to see the creation process of Max’s “Divine Servant”® bronze (1990).

Click here to see the creation process of Max’s “The Coming King”® bronze (1999).


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