Testimonies From Others

“Max, you really are an encouragement to us and others, to see your steadfast faith in God and your Holy Spirit audacity.  We were laughing and saying that if Jesus asked you to ‘walk on water’ like Peter did, that you would probably do it!!!!”

Robert & Ruth Evans (2008)
Fredericksburg, TX

“I SEE CHRIST in your work. It is as if the Lord Himself REVEALS Himself through the Scriptural designs you have (by His inspirtaion) created. Peace to you in Christ."

Dr. J.R. Russell (2008)
University College
Indiana University - Purdue University
Indianapolis, IN

“You don’t know how much of an inspiration you are to me and others.  You and Sherry are role models.  I don’t know anyone more willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ than you and Sherry.”

Kelly Wren (2008)
Rock Scapes
Kerrville, TX

“Max will do anything for the Lord.  These “Sculpture Prayer Gardens” are one of the best evangelical tools we’ve had this century.” 

Hershel Reid (2008)
Ordained Minister of the Gospel

“We are still enjoying the beautiful sculptures which we placed in our Prayer Plaza here at the Church of God headquarters.  Thanks for your good work, for your ministry and for the investment you have made of your life, your family and your gifts for the glory of God.” 

Al Taylor (2008)
Church of God – Stewardship
Cleveland, TN

“Dear Max, Thank  you for your work, your talent is divinely inspired.  Please keep me posted on your next project, Pastor and I pray supernatural favor over all you do for the Kingdom of God. Blessings.”

Diana Hagee (2007)
John Hagee Ministries & Cornerstone Church
San Antonio,TX

"Thank you for all your help! The Divine Servant”® is quite an exquisite sculpture and I am happy to report that it is in place on our campus.”

Pastor Hector Diaz (2007)
Mount Paran Church

"Max Greiner is a friend of mine and the most "Spirit-filled”, "Living it” Christian that I know. He is also a fabulous sculptor.”

Miriam Hayes (2007)
Prayer Intercessor
Fletcher, NC

“How great it was to meet you at the Salvation Army Convention. My name is Millard Miles and I think God sent me to you to see what real fire in someone's eyes looks like, when they are filled with the Holy ghost. You prayed with me and I just wanted to say "Thank You". You have inspired me to pray for at least 10 people a day.”

Millard Miles (2007)
Salvation Army Recovery Center
Dallas, TX

"You are one of God's race cars!”

Dr. Marvin C. Overton III (2007)
Weatherford, TX

"You are always an inspiration to me. Love you Max, and love your gifts.”

Dr. Larry W. Poland (2007)
Master Media International
Redlands, CA

“Thanks for the awesome work and ministry you have. Not since Michaelangelo has the Body of Christ had such an expression of worship through art like yours; in that all of the world may see the glory of God depicted in your work. Worship on!!”

Dr. Raymond Pophan (2007)
Called to All Nations Ministries
Aiken, SC

“There are other good artists, but you are the best of them all.  To think of you is to thank God for you, and to ask Him to bless you richly, use you mightily and to honor you greatly!  May He give you great success with your Prayer Sculpture Garden , a most wonderful, God-honoring and soul-winning ministry.”

Dr. Michael Guido, “The Sower” (2005)
The Guido Evangelistic Association
& Guido Gardens
Metter, GA

Yes, the bronze sculpture is still blessing us and, literally thousands of others. You are such a talented man and your work blesses people not only here at Habitat for Humanity but in many, many other places. God bless you for using your God-given talents to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Millard Fuller, founder (2005)
Habitat for Humanity
Americus, GA

“God broke the mold when He made Max Greiner!”

Dr. Henry Blackaby (2003)
Home Missions Board
Southern Baptist Convention
Rex, GA

“As I am sure you know, the contribution that you have made with the “Fisher of Men”® bronze sculpture has been viewed by literally thousands of people already and is greatly appreciated by so many. Thank you for being willing to use your talents for the Lord.”

Dr. Paige Patterson, President (2003)
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, TX

“We thank God for you and all He does through your dedicated life. Thank you from the depth of our hearts for your prayers for us.”

Dr. Rochunga & Mawie Pudaite (2003)
Bibles for the World Ministries
Colorado Springs, CO

“I attended the dedication of the NRB Headquarters, and the “Divine Servant”® is a wonderful addition to the offices. Thank you for your wonderful work. It will be a blessing for many.”

Dr. Jerry K. Rose (2003)
Total Living Network
Chicago IL

"Max just wanted to bring you up to date on the reaction to the “Divine Servant”® sculptures that I’ve purchased as gifts, including Chuck and Gena Norris. Bottom line: People are blow away. Chuck and Gena moved stuff around in their home in order to give the 1/3 life-size piece its proper due. I gave a 1/6 life-size piece to the rector of our church and I’m told that there is a steady stream of folks each day wanting to see it.”

Mark Stouse (2003)
Houston, TX

"Can I say something to you? You are the real deal; you’re a real Christian. I’ve been watching you.”

Total Stranger (2002)
Christian Booksellers Association Convention

“I was greatly blessed by the artistic sculpture that you created, “The Great Commission”®. May God continue to bless you and your artwork for His glory.”

Dr. Charles Stanley (2002)
In Touch Ministries
First Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA

“Your skill is incredible! I praise our great God and Savior, that He has given you this marvelous gift, and that you are using it to His glory. Praise God for what you and your marvelous ministry are doing!”

Dr. Bill Bright, Chairman (2002)
Campus Crusade for Chris
Atlanta, GA

“Proverbs tells us to acknowledge God in all our ways, and the arts are such a powerful way to do this. Max Greiner is not only a talented artist, but I appreciate his heart for ministry, and his commitment to use his gifts for the Lord.”

Josh McDowell (2002)
Josh McDowell Ministries
Dallas, TX

“Your sculptures are wonderful – the evident passion with which you endeavor to communicate God’s truth through your artwork is an inspiration. We’re confident many folks have received a special touch of encouragement as a result of your powerful portrayals of biblical themes and events. May the Lord continue furthering His kingdom and edifying His people through your artistic abilities.”

Diane Passno, Vice President (2002)
Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO

“Your beautiful work of Jesus washing the feet of Peter still stands at the entrance of our building, and it’s on all the key managers’ desks. We feel strongly as ever that this typifies the posture we seek here at Christianity Today.” “From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for the classic work that you do to make Jesus Christ known to the world.”

Harold L. Myra, Executive Chairman (2001)
Christianity Today Magazines
Carol Springs, IL

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the classic work that you do to make Jesus Christ known to the world.”

Dr. Joe White (2001)
Kanakuk Kamps, I’m Third Foundation
Branson, MO

“The Coming King”® statue is absolutely magnificent! It is above and beyond my expectations! God bless you, Max. And, thank you from my heart for this magnificent tribute to the return of our Lord.”

Dr. Paul F. Crouch, President (2001)
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Santa Anna, CA

“Max Greiner touches the heart and lifts the spirit. We now have two of Max’s sculptures on our seminar campus, the “Divine Servant”® and “Fisher of Men”®. Both are daily reminders of Christ’s call to come and to serve.”

Dr. Frederick J. Finks, President (2001)
Ashland Theological Seminary
Ashland, OH

“The magnificently beautiful and meaningful Christian art of Max Greiner, Jr. has been used at Bellevue Baptist Church in a most effective way. The bronze sculptures that grace a large lobby and an enclosed courtyard have brought nothing but positive comments. I am most grateful for this work and other significant pieces by Max Greiner, Jr.”

Dr. Adrian Rogers (2001)
Bellevue Baptist Church
Cordova, TX

“The artwork by Max Greiner on my desk, is a daily reminder of my commitment to model the great commandment, the “Divine Servant”® and advance the “Great Commission.”

Commander John Busby (2001)
The Salvation Army National Headquarters
Atlanta, GA

“The Tabernacle of David…your work, what you are doing, these are some of the ornaments. In the spirit realm I saw the things you are doing are part of the restoration process. You will be involved in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David.”

Mahesh Chavda (2001)
All Nations Church
Mahesh Chavda Ministries
Charlotte, NC

“You are truly an expression of the love and light of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

June Hunt (2001)
Hope for the Heart Ministries
Dallas, TX

“The first time I saw “Divine Servant”® by Max Greiner, Jr., I was struck with awe as it stunningly portrayed the love and servanthood of Jesus. Max has taken his considerable artistic talents and used them to glorify Jesus through several magnificent sculptures. Max’s love for the Lord is clearly portrayed in each piece, as he communicates the timeless truths of Scripture.”

George M. Underwood, III, Chairman of the Board (2001)
Dallas Theological Seminary
Dallas, TX

“Keep up the great work and most of all your tender heart for praying for people. Being shameless for Jesus. That’s you.”

Andrea B. Gagliano (2000)
Abel Communications
Baltimore, MD

“God bless you Max. You are a choice servant of God, saved by His grace and used by His mercy.”

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, President (2001)
Back to the Bible
Lincoln, NE

“We were so thrilled to receive your bronze eagle sculpture! It is exquisite and the words on the brass plate are so meaningful. We certainly will enjoy it. Jack joins me in wishing God’s blessings on you and your family.”

Barbara & Jack Nicklaus (1999)
Golf Professional
North Palm Beach, FL

“Most of all thank you for your bold and joyful testimony. I know the Lord is using you to inspire many lives, as you have mine and my family.”

Bobby Johnson (1998)
Kerrville Daily Time Religion Editor
Kerrville, TX

“Your art and testimony are a blessing to me! Today I thanked God for you and Sherry.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell (1997)
Equip Foundation
Atlanta, GA

“Max, you’re not weird, you’re wired!”

Dr. Robert H. Schuller (1997)
The Crystal Cathedral
Garden Grove, CA

“I have been blessed by “Divine Servant”® It’s in my study at home. You and your work are a benediction.”

Steve Brown (1997)
Key Life Ministries
Maitland, FL

“Thank you for sharing your life’s story with the San Antonio Express News. This witnessing will win many souls. Thank you Jesus for people like you, your wife and daughter who have the fortitude of speaking freely of our Savior.”

Margarita Gonzalez Salinas (1997)
San Antonio, TX

“God has blessed you with an awesome talent. It is wonderful to see what you are doing with it.

Dave & Joyce Meyer (1996)
Joyce Meyer Ministries
Saint Louis, MO

“We have given all our major contributors the “Divine Servant”® and they have all responded extremely positively. Thanks again for your friendship. Keep up the good work.”

Bill Glass (1996)
Bill Glass Ministries
Dallas, TX

“Christian artist and sculptor Max Greiner, Jr. uses his creative talents as a powerful testimony to bless believers and non-believers alike. His inspirational art, especially that which depicts the life and ministry of Jesus, provides a dramatic witness to an unbelieving world, as well as encouragement and spiritual strength to the community of faith.”

Dr. Gary Cook, President (1996)
Dallas Baptist University
Dallas, TX

“I continue to remain convinced that God inspired the “Divine Servant”® sculpture as a symbol to the church of the attitude of heart that will be required to restore moral authority to our message in this post-Christian culture.”

Chuck Crismier (1995)
Save America Ministry
Richmond, VA

“Fisher of Men”® is certainly a magnificent work, and a powerful testimony of your love for our Lord. May He continue to bless you as you faithfully use your gifts to glorify Him.”

Dr. H. Edwin Young (1995)
Second Baptist Church
Houston, TX

“Max, your creative ability is a pure gift from God. I am so glad we could see some of your sculptures. They are magnificent! Truly God’s plan for your life will be (as it has been) incredibly exciting. Your testimonies are indications that His hand is upon you.”

Ted Nace (1995)
Peale Center for Christian Living
New York, NY

“Over the past two and half years I have been inspired and challenged both by Max Greiner, Jr. the person, and the art work. The “Divine Servant”® sculpture has inspired our entire college family to think critically and prayerfully about how we can pattern our lives after Christ when He stopped to wash the feed of His disciples.”

Dr. Robert E. “Ish” Smith, President (1995)
Greenville College
Greenville, IL

“It has been a long time since I have met anyone who has blessed my life and warmed my heart like you did, in our short time together. I thank God for you.”

Clyde Childers (1994)
South Texas Baptist Hospitals
San Antonio, TX

“However, for pure old fashioned fun, nothing will ever top Max’s Greiner’s whimsical creations during his days at Texas A&M in the early 1970s.”

Jim W. Sealy, FAIA (1994)
Texas Architect Magazine, October 1994
Austin, TX

“Thank you for searching God’s will out in your life. “Divine Servant”® is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Your sculpture has already given me several chances to share Christ’s love to the lost around me at the office. Praise God for His work in you and through you!”

Ralph King (1993)
Cain Chemical, Inc
Beaumont, TX

“The Lord has anointed you with a very precious gift. May He continue to give wisdom on how to use it. Please keep us in your prayers. We will pray for you.”

Steve & Jeri Hill (1993)

“I praise the Lord for your work and labor of love for the body of Christ. Not for us only but ultimately for the Lord Himself. You both are truly burden bearers of the glory of the Lord as you have let your light so shine before men to show forth that glory.”

Barbara & Doug Small (1993)
Alive Ministries
Kannapous, NC

“For a number of years I have enjoyed giving your “Christian Butterfly”® as a special gift for various occasions. I need a new supply!”

Mary Marzahn (1993)

“I truly thank God, with you, that He is using your work to witness to others of His great love for them. I pray that God will continue to bless and use you, and that He will richly bless your business.”

Dr. Pat Robertson (1992)
Christian Broadcasting Network
Virginia Beach, FL

“Praise the Lord! The “Divine Servant”® sculpture arrive 10/21/92 and is magnificent! We thank and praise out God that we long with out pastor (John Eckhardt) have been so blessed by the talent which He has bestowed upon you.”

Eugene & Jacki Record (1992)
Chicago, IL

“Max Greiner, Jr. is a superb artist, able to capture the detail and beauty of God’s creation in a variety of media.”

Jim Buick, President & CEO (1992)
Zondervan Corporation
Grand Rapids, MI

“Your works are exquisite, and I’m delighted to be able to display them to their full advantage.”

Lowell “Bud” Paxson (1992)
Pax Broadcasting Network
West Palm Beach, FL

“My dear brother Max, Saturday was my 87th birthday. Mrs. Bariley of Irvine sent a card with a picture of “Divine Servant”® on it. It says much. Thank you. Blessings.”

Leonard Ravenhill (1991)

“I received the lovely "Christian Butterfly”® as a Christmas gift. You can see that the design came from God through you. Praise the Lord.”

Carol Dick (1990)

“At Christmas I received the lovely “Christian Butterfly”® from my daughter. It was the nicest gift ever – The butterfly is so beautiful and the inspiration for it could have only come from the Lord.”

Amy Johnson (1990)

“Recently my husband and I received as a gift your “Christian Butterfly”® creation. We love it! Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you.”

Joyce Boyer (1988)

“Max’s talents are varied and his willingness to give of himself continue to amaze me.”

Fred Bear, President (1986)
Bear Archery Company
Evansville, IN

“Max is a creative, involved individual who uses his God-given talents and personal determination to support causes he believes in. We need more people like Max.”

M.R. James, Editor/Publisher (1986)
Bowhunter Magazine
Director, Pope & Young Club

“I would categorize Max as a person who settles for nothing less than perfection, but who does not become bogged down in minutia which might prevent success. I have particularly noted a constant drive to improve his own abilities, his creative solutions to problems, his ability to teach and inspire others, and his tenacity in meeting goals, regardless of the obstacles which may crop up along the way.”

William H. Wadsworth, Chairman (1979)
National Bowhunter Education Foundation
International Bowhunter Education Program

“I am an avid collector of quality wildlife art for over 30 years. My collection represents some of the finest artists of our time. I believe the pieces I have from Max Greiner, Jr. rank amongst the best of my grouping and I recommend his art to any serious collectors.”

Douglas Kittredge, President (1979)
Bowhut Inc.
Director, Pope & Young Club

“Above and beyond his obvious artistic talents, Max is an excellent photographer, designer, writer, and understands advertising and promotion. He is honest, loyal and a very energetic person.”

Tom Jennings, President (1979)
Jennings Compound Bow, Inc.

“I can tell you that Max Greiner, Jr. is a volcano of imagination. I make this observation with reference to hundreds of design students I’ve seen over sixteen years. If there was a scale of physical and mental energy output, Max could be the standard by which others are measured.”

Alan L. Stacell, Department Head (1976)
College of Environmental Design & Architecture
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

“Max has the most fertile imagination I have ever run across, bar none. He is refreshingly frank, honest, and unencumbered with game playing.”

Rodney C. Hill, Professor (1976)
Environmental Design & Architecture
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

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