Prophecies to the Greiners

Prophecy is one of the nine supernatural “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” listed in the Bible in
II Corinthians 12.  God still gives these Gifts to His children to those Christians who have a teachable, humble spirit and are willing to be “Empowered” for God’s service.  Prophecy is just one of nine Gifts that God is releasing in believers today.

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The following is a chronological listing of a few of the Prophetic “Words” given to the Greiners, during their lifetimes, either by the Holy Spirit Himself, or through other Christians. 

Max received his first Prophetic Word at age 24, in September of 1976, after asking God to speak to him personally.   At the time, Max was a lifelong, forth generation Southern Baptist.  This clear Word that he received directly from the Lord was shared publicly and fulfilled during the following 24 hours, in front of many witnesses!

This incident changed Max’s understanding of God forever and convinced him God was still speaking personally to people today.  Since then, Max and his family have received many amazing Prophetic Words from the Holy Spirit, many of which have come true and often were witnessed by many people.  Max has maintained detailed Prayer Journals since 1989, of God’s activity in his life.  He has saved documentation, physical evidence, and photography to backup his amazing claims.  Judge for yourself if God is still working miracles and speaking to people today.

"The Miracle Bear" (1976)

PROPHECY TITLE:  “The Miracle Bear”


RECIPIENT:  Max Greiner, Jr. (Age 24)

DATE GIVEN: September 1976

LOCATION:  McCall , Idaho - Bear Hunting Camp


1.)“You will kill a bear in the morning.” 
2.) “It will be the bear you have been hunting all week. 
3.)  “It will be at your bait.” 
4.)  “You will kill the bear with one arrow.”
5.) “The bear will die instantly.”

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"Chosen Vessels" (1994)

PROPHECY TITLE:  “Chosen Vessels”


RECEPIENT:  Max Greiner, Jr. (Age 42) & Sherry Greiner (Age 41)

DATE GIVEN: April 30, 1994

LOCATION: Private home in Kerrville, Texas


David:  “The best is yet to come. I’ve found the Lord always saves the best for last. Somebody said I don’t believe it, but that’s why you haven’t tasted the best wine.  But I believe it, because I keep seeing, you know the Lord saves the best for last, Hallelujah. What is your name?” 

Max:  “Max”

David: “Max, praise the Lord, Glad to meet you.”

Max:  “This is Sherry.”

David:  “Sherry, bless the Lord, bless the Lord.  Join right together here. Halleluiah, wonderful, wonderful.

The Lord says sometimes the fiery darts are thrown your way.  You know, they are a bit of a concern but, the Lord says He has been causing your shield of faith to be polished up, and shined up, and it reflects the light of God’s glory!  It reflects!  And the Lord says, He’s bringing you to a place of greater faith.  He’s bringing you to a greater place of trust and confidence in the Lord your God.

And, the Lord says your going to be seeing many enemies (demons/people?) be scattered.  You are going to be rejoicing because you are going to know the Lord is going to have you pray for many people, and encourage many people.  Yes, the two of you.  One shall put a thousand to flight, but two, ten thousand!”

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"The Shekinah Glory" (1999)

  PROPHECY TITLE:  “The Shekinah Glory”


RECEPIENT:  Max Greiner, Jr. (Age 47)

DATE GIVEN: August 12, 1999

LOCATION:  Kerrville, TX


“Now (about) Max.  If I had favorite children, he would be one of my favorites.  When I say “Go”, he goes; when I say “Come”, he comes; when I say “Pray”, he prays.  When he is sure it is My voice he hears, he does not hesitate, he just obeys.  He is the source of great pleasure to Me.  His child-like faith is a joy to behold.  I know he has been hurt by his church.  I share his pain.  But, he must love them and pray for their fears.  Be assured, it is I that manifests My glory in the sparkles that appear on my children."

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“The Garden Tabernacle” (2001)

PROPHECY TITLE: “The Garden Tabernacle”
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given by Dr. Mahesh Chavda.


RECEIPTIENTS:  Max (Age 50) & Sherry Greiner (Age 49)

DATE GIVEN: December 9, 2001

LOCATION: Cathedral of Praise Church, Austin, TX


On December 9, 2001, artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. and his wife, Sherry were visiting Cathedral of Praise Church in Austin, TX.  Pastor, Dr. Bill Hart introduced his guest speaker evangelist/pastor, Dr. Mahesh Chavda to the Greiners before the service.  The Greiners had traveled from Kerrville, about 100 miles away to hear the evangelist speak.  During the service to their surprise, Dr. Chavda stopped in the middle of his sermon and turned toward the couple.  The traveling preacher from North
Carolina then spoke a prophetic word over the Greiners, in front
of hundreds of witnesses.

Mahesh:  “By the way, Max and Sherry Greiner, I’m going to lay hands on you later on.  I feel like God is going to be your attorney, because of your hunger and because  you both honor the LORD and His presence, the glory. 

There is a price you’ve had to pay.  Some doors were shut, I don’t know the details.  I just shook your hands today. I just met you. But, the LORD is opening glory doors and you have heart, both you and Sherry. 

I saw over you Sherry grace, grace, grace written there.  There is grace coming in your life, your ministry.  And the former things are former things.  There is such glory up a head for both of you.  God in His will put you together.  I just see a fire bomb of the Holy Spirit with you two.

The Tabernacle of David…your work, what you are doing, these are some of the ornaments.  In the spirit realm I saw the things you are doing are part of the restoration process.  YOU WILL BE INVOLVED IN THE RESTORATION OF THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID. Very important to the LORD, what you are doing.

We want to encourage you.   You are part of the army of Glory Nuts! You are one of the leaders in the creative area.  There are a whole slew of creative people that you are pioneering for.   I saw like a coonskin cap on your head!  You were pioneering!  But, Sherry was right there with you.  She has the fire and that kind of survival mode, being a pioneer woman!  So, the LORD has given you much, but it really doesn’t matter because what matters is the presence of the LORD!”

Everyone in the congregation of about 300 people clapped as the Greiners sat back down confused by what they heard.  Dismissing the “word” as Charismatic excess, Max whispered to Sherry,Boy, he missed that one! God is never going to rebuild the Tabernacle.”  However, the Greiners saved the recording of the unexpected prophetic word, since the Scripture says not to despise prophecy. 

However to their surprise, on August 22, 2002, eight months later, Max received an email from another total stranger, Marlon Quibodeaux of Beaumont, TX.  The Christian businessman/evangelist wrote that God was “calling” Max to build a 77’7” cross sculpture over IH-10, for the glory of God.

Confused about another “out of the blue” prophetic word, Max called Quibodeaux.  The Marlon was convinced that God was “calling” Greiner to create a 77’7” cross sculpture, to be placed over IH-10

Greiner agreed to pray about the unusual “word”.  However, the artist was not interested, since a sculpture seven stories tall would cost over a million dollars.  No funding was available for the project at the time.

 However, in obedience the Christian artist prayed for God’s will in the matter.  To his surprise, Greiner received an “open vision” of a 300’ cross-shaped Sculpture Prayer Garden, with his four monumental Christian bronze sculptures on display, and a new massive cross design at the end.  In the vision, Max saw a unique hollow, open cross sculpture and cars turning off the highway into the free garden park!  

The 77’7” sculpture, “The Empty Cross” was raised on 7/27/10, in the 23 acre “Garden Tabernacle”. Today, this vision is being fulfilled for the glory of God on IH-10 in Kerrville, TX!


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