School Years
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This section features the early artistic work of Max Greiner, Jr., much of which still exists today thanks to Max’s mother.  It is obvious to any observer that God gifted Max from birth with natural, artistic talent and imagination.  His favorite childhood toys included the “Erector Set”®, “Etch a Sketch”® “Lincoln Logs”® and “Lionel Trains”®.  Max built elaborate landscapes with roads and buildings, which he designed and built from scratch.  His interest in making things was witnessed by all those around him.  Even as early as seven, Max used professional artist materials to create drawings, watercolors, oil paintings and ceramic sculptures.  At age eight, Max began to take art lessons from a real artist, Rita Allen of Groves, Texas, so he wouldn’t have to take piano lessons with his sister. 

This section will also show the artistic development Max Greiner, Jr. from childhood to high school.  It was during this time that Max began to take art and drafting classes in school.  During this period, he also began to study the lives and artwork of the famous artists of history.   Max also studied taxidermy and even taught a class to faculty and students after school.  He would later combine art and taxidermy in unique new ways to create “kitsch” art during his college years.

It should be noted that the God-given, artistic talent begins to manifest early in all children and can be recognized, evaluated and encouraged.  Take the opportunity today to encourage and assist a young artist you know.  Your positive affirmation may be crucial in the development of a future great artist.  Words really have power, just like the Bible says.


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