Archer, Outdoorsman, Conservationist

By the young age of 7 years, Max Greiner, Jr. had discovered that in addition to his passion for art, he also had a love for nature.  This keen interest in the “great outdoors,” which was shared by his father, would grow into a lifelong appreciation of wildlife, camping, backpacking, canoeing, hunting, fishing, and bowhunting.  As a youth, he bowhunted wild boar in the Piney woods and giant, 6 foot Alligator Garfish in the marshes southeast Texas.  As an adult, Max bowhunted the prairies, forests, mountains and tundra of North America, in search of wild turkey, antelope, deer, elk, bear, lion and caribou.

Max’s love for God’s creations and archery propelled his volunteer service with numerous wildlife conservation and hunter education organizations during his lifetime.  Max became friends with many of the top conservationists and archers of his generation, many of whom served with him on volunteer boards of various national and international conservation organizations.

Max has lived a life of adventure and awe few have experienced. There are millions of exciting hunting stories, but very few have God Himself, in them.  At the age of 26, it was during Max's trips to the “wilderness” that God first began to speak to him and work miracles in his life.  After hearing about Max’s “Miracle bear,” the world famous bowhunter, Fred Bear, told the artist in January of 1984, that Max’s story was the most amazing hunting story he had ever heard! 

In the mid eighties, a family crisis interrupted Max’s life of archery and adventure.  God used this difficult time to redirect Max for His own purposes.   After a time of humbling and training, the focus of Max’s life would change from harvesting wild animals with a bow and arrow, to harvesting “souls” for the Kingdom of God!

Max’s incredible spiritual journey through outdoor adventures will be recounted here in short stories.

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