Supernatural Orbs
The Halo, Cloud & Water Connection

Photographed by Kathlene Krohl

The Halo, Cloud & Water Connection
By Max Greiner Jr.

One can’t help but wonder if the Orbs being photographed today, if indeed they are supernatural, were the inspiration for imagery we find in the Holy Scriptures and historic Christian artwork. The parallels are obvious.

The Jewish Prophet, Ezekiel gave us a strange description of a type of Angelic “living creatures” that are circular in shape and travel with the Spirit of God (Eze 1: 15 – 22).  He said they can move in any direction without turning, from the ground into the air.   Ezekiel said these round Angels had four rims (or rings) that were covered with eyes.  He also said some appeared to have faces inside the circles.  This ancient description is amazing, in light of the Orb photographs being recorded today.

But the question remains, how did ancient people see the transparent Orbs of light, since the camera had not yet been invented?   Apparently, God allowed some people to see these Angelic creatures, either “in the spirit”, or with their natural eyes. 

Currently, I know of two Christians who claim they are able to see these Orb Angels with their naked eyes.  One is an adult Christian lady who has seen them her entire life.  The other is a Christian child who repeatedly told his parents that Angels were coming into his hospital room as balls of light.  The mother took photos of the child in the hospital and observed the strange circles of light.  That was when the child exclaimed this was the way the Angels looked before they took on a human Angelic form.  Both Christians reported that the images now being recorded today by thousands of flash cameras are the same as they are seeing with their natural eyes.

I have also spoken with respected professional video photographers who have recorded incredible film footage of dramatic, unexplainable light phenomenon occurring right now at Christian conferences and churches.  Most of this footage has not been released, because of the possible controversy it could cause in the body of Christ.  Unfortunately, many Christians think the supernatural intervention and manifestations of God ended with the Bible days.


When Orbs of light are photographed over or near a person's head, they resemble the classic "hallo" depicted in much of early Christian art, thousands of years before the camera was invented. Photography reveals that the Orbs appear to follow and hover over the heads of Christian at times. The above center photograph was taken by Joie Pirkey.

The Halo Connection

It is obvious to any student of Christian art and religious icons, that the halo, or circle of semi-transparent light, behind a holy person looks a lot like the Orbs of light being photographed today.  The shape, size, color and even the transparency seem to be a perfect match. 

As I have researched this Orb subject, I have concluded that there are both natural and supernatural Orbs in the world.  My assumption about the supernatural Orbs is based on Scripture and several personal observations.  It appears that Orbs respond to the name of Jesus Christ.  Other Christians have found, like me that they can ask God to have Orbs appear in their photographs, when none were on the scene before, and they appear.  If this is just natural dust being illuminated by a camera flash, the number of coincidences of incredible timing is remarkable.

It also appears from hundreds of photos that I have shot, that Orbs tend to hover right over, or around holy, righteous “saints” - genuine followers of Jesus Christ.   These balls of light also seem to gather when worship, ministry or prayer occurs, in the name of Jesus.  The Angelic Orbs also tend to increase in number, size and brightness during these times, it seems.

Therefore, I think it is at least possible, that the inspiration for the Halo behind the heads of Christian Saints may have been inspired by the round Orbs of light, which we are photographing today.

An Orb appears to follow Pastor David Danielson as he walked across the platform at Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, TX, in December of 2006.

As the founding Pastor of Impact Christian Fellowship, George Comegy, prays a blessing over the congregation, as an Angel Orb hovers over his head, visible in three photos taken in sequence.

On Easter Sunday of 2007, Max photographed hundreds of Orb Angels as they floated over the congregation celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The Cloud Connection

Ever since the Apostle Paul first wrote the phrase, “cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12: 1), generations of Christians have wondered exactly who are these witnesses?  Could it be that they are the Angels, the “Eyes of God”?  When Orbs congregate in quantity, they can resemble a cloud.  The verse says:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.  (Hebrews 12: 1)

The implication is that this “cloud of witnesses” is not other living people standing around.  Scripture suggests that we all are being observed at all times, as we “run our own race of life”, even when we are alone.  Assuming this is true, and then the witnesses are spiritual.

Some have claimed the witnesses are dead, departed saints, “Saved” Believers, looking down from Heaven.  The problem with this interpretation is that the entire canon of Scripture seems to indicate that it is not possible, for dead Christians to look down and watch living people on earth.

If this was true, that would mean everyone in Heaven would be spending all their time watching their friends and family back on earth!  The Bible gives us a different view of Heaven, as it clearly indicates we will be worshipping and beholding the Lamb of God, focused on Him only.

If the “witnesses” are not departed saints, then could they be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  This doesn’t seem plausible either, because Paul would have used a different metaphor to describe the “Trinity”.

If the “witnesses” are not God, or dead Christians, then that only leaves the Angels.  Since the context of Paul’s metaphor is positive, it is obvious the “witnesses” are not fallen Angels or Demons.  If the “witnesses” are Angels, they are God’s Angels.

The Bible says God’s Angels can take on various forms.  Usually, they are totally invisible.  However, they can also take on human form, indistinguishable from real people.  Angels can also can take on the form of strong warriors, such as the Arc-Angels, Michael and Gabriel.  Then, there are the strange Angelic Creatures such as the Cherubim and Seraphim, as described in Genesis, Samuel 1 & 2, Kings 1 & 2, Psalms and Isaiah.  Finally, we have the strange circular Angels described by Ezekiel.  All these strange Biblical descriptions challenge our imagination.

Therefore, it is possible that some of the Orbs being photographed today, all over the world, may be the “cloud of witnesses” referred to by the Apostle Paul.  When they gather in large numbers, they overlap; making their transparency appears just like a cloud, or fog.


On September 15, 2005, one of the Greiner Prayer Intercessors photographed the arrival of the Angelic Orbs. The photos were taken in sequence at a Colorado ranch. Notice the Orb in the top left corner of the photograph.

The Orbs began to fill the scene as a digital camera recorded the strange sequence of events. It appears the Angelic Orbs arrived with the children.

Finally, the Orbs were so thick that they appeared similar to a cloud, as described by the Apostle Paul in Hebrew 12:1.

The Water Connection

The Water Connection to Orbs is the one connection that puzzles me the most.  Throughout the Bible, water is used as a metaphor for God, Jesus Christ and even the Holy Spirit.  Jesus repeatedly refers to His “Living Water”, as the water that brings eternal life and salvation.

I have photographed large rain drops at night, with no other light sources around except the flash on my camera.  To my amazement, when photographing these very large raindrops at night, some of the photographs appeared to have Orbs with internal details, just like those we believe may be spiritual, Angelic Orbs.

Honestly, I am not sure what was going on in these photographs.  I do know that the closer the flash is to the camera lens, the better it is able to capture both natural and supernatural Orb images.  This is probably why digital cameras do a better job of recording this light phenomenon.  This camera geometry allows for the light from a flash to bounce more directly back into the camera.

Therefore, I am left with only two possible conclusions. One possibility is that some large rain drops, when photographed under just the right conditions at night with a flash, can have an internal structure just like those we think may be Angelic Orbs.  The second possibility is even more amazing. Could it be possible that God’s Angels were intentionally playing games with me, by zipping in and out of my photographs?  I don’t know. 


Angel Orbs were repeatedly photographed hovering over or near Greiner's 1/2 Life-size Bronze Sculpture, "The Coming King"®, during the National Religious Broadcasters convention in February of 2007.

The Mystery Continues

I am still asking the Holy Spirit to give me revelation about this Orb phenomenon.  If a person is a Believer in God, then they must have a supernatural “worldview”, which at least allows for the possibility that some of these Orbs of light may indeed be Angels.  However, if a person has a secular “worldview”, then supernatural explanations for anything are not possible.  Our own conclusions are filtered through our worldviews.

Since I personally know that God is real, and He is supernatural, I desire to have more understanding of both the natural and supernatural world.  For the Christian, all human knowledge must be evaluated through the prism of the Bible.  Historically, the Bible has proved to be reliable, in light of scientific understanding, mathematical provability, prophecy, history and archeology.  On the other hand, the conclusions of science and scientists are constantly being revised, on a daily basis, in light of the latest discoveries.

In conclusion, I believe God is taking advantage of this fascination with Orbs, whether they be natural or supernatural, because He using normal curiosity to lead many non-believers to Jesus Christ.  In the end, only God knows how many of the Orbs being photographed today are really supernatural.  However, in the meantime, I am going to use this curiosity to introduce the living God to as many “lost” people as possible.  Jesus used human curiosity in the supernatural to draw people to His presentation of the Gospel.   I am doing the same thing today, by using the Orbs.  My goal is to bring souls and glory to Jesus Christ because I know He is real!

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