Greiner Family Miracles-
Community Bible Church Ladies Retreat 2007

I was invited to show my art and speak to the 330 ladies, in three workshops on Saturday.  I was asked to speak on accessing the power of the Holy Spirit, one of my favorite subjects, and that is where the Angel Orbs and the "Shekineh Glory" Gold Dust started appearing.

One of the miracles that happened during this weekend was that an old prophecy of Jim Beard, our intercessor and long time friend, was finally fulfilled after many years. Sherry surprised me and everyone when she decided to speak publicly to the group of ladies, after I finished my presentation!  In the past, she has always refused my invitations to speak to groups with me.  However, this time she joined me and spoke three times.  She also prayed individually with great anointing, for dozens of ladies.  Sherry did great and everyone encouraged her to keep on speaking for God publicly, just as Jim Beard had prophesized back in the early 1980's.

 I took pictures of the Orb Angels (Ez 1:1-15) through out the entireweekend, which appeared in about one hundred photos.  Several interesting photos are attached here, including those taken right outside the lodge, as the ladies left the Saturday night praise and worship service.  The Angels flooded out the door with the ladies, as they left the lodge!  Also, you will see two photos of a cow horn light fixture, take three seconds apart.  Notice the single Orb Angel passing through the light fixture, partially hidden by the horn in one shot.

Click here to see more Angel Orb Photos, and to learn more about what they are.

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