"Natural" Orbs

Not all Orbs are “supernatural”.  Many naturally occurring Orb light effects can be scientifically explained.  It is important that Christians be wise and discerning, regarding their assessment of Orbs, in their own photographs and those of others.  In fact, Christians should always critically evaluate every unexplainable phenomenon, or miracle they witness.  We must seek and stand on the truth.  However, when a true, supernatural manifestation, or miracle of God is evident, the factual evidence will prove it.  These are the miracles our Lord commands us to witness, as part of our personal testimony.  The Bible says a supernatural world exists around us, which logic, intellect and science cannot explain.  Faith in the Jesus and His Bible is required to properly discern these supernatural manifestations.

Below are pictures of “Natural” Orbs, which have scientific explanations.  These photographs are presented here to show how similar these natural Orbs are to genuine, supernatural Orbs.  Before you testify that an Orb is a supernatural, Angelic Orb of God, be certain of your analysis.

Natural Orbs most often occur as the result of light reflections.  All cameras are sensitive to reflections of light.  Professional photographers are well acquainted with the light flare phenomenon.  Any time a camera is pointed toward the sun, or a bright light source, a light flare or reflection can be generated.  Usually, the photographer becomes aware of these reflections, as he looks through the camera viewfinder.  These kinds of natural reflections can occur with and without a flash, but require a bright light source.

The other type of naturally occurring Orb photograph is produced when a flash is used, while photographing through moisture or dust.  The camera flash will reflect off of dust, rain, sleet, snow, ice crystals and unseen mist in the air.  Usually, the photographer is well aware of these poor photographic conditions, which require that delicate camera equipment be protected from damage.  Fake Orb photographs can be fabricated in this way. 

Below is a sample of various scientifically explainable Orb photographs, which should help you discern the natural from the supernatural ones.


  Two natural Orbs can be seen in this photograph by the Artist. This photo was taken while looking toward the sun.
Click on image to enlarge.

This photograph was taken in Wyoming with the camera pointed directly at the sun, which was filtered by thick clouds.

Sunflares can take on abstract shapes in addition to geometric Orb shapes
The reflection of a flash can appear exactly like a solid Orb.
Any kind of percipitation can take on the appearance of Orbs, if photographed with a flash. Snow provides a perfect example.
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Falling snow appears as floating Orbs in flash photography, but it is not supernatural!!

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Blowing snow can look like Orbs with tails, if photographed with a flash.

Even in a totally clear sky, invisible ice crystals on the air can take on the appearance of Orbs. These two photos were taken through a jet window.
  Invisible ice crystals can form in the air, even when the sky is clear. The photographer did not see anything outside her window, but clear blue sky, when she took these photographs from the jet.
  Natural Orbs can be photographed during a rain storm, if a flash is used. The flash reflects light off the rain drops.
  Rain drops photographed at night with a flash can appear very similar to authentic, supernatural Spirit Orbs.
  This photo of the old wall of the Temple in Jerusalem, Israel shows four white Orbs.  However, these Orbs are naturally explained and not supernatural.  The photographer indicated she forgot to have her film developed for a long time.  These pure white spots are most likely defects of old film or bad processing.
  Reflective decals on clothing can also appear like a solid Angel Orb but are only a light reflection of the camera flash.
  The Orbs in this photo are natural effects of a strong light (the sun in this case) hitting the optics of the camera lens. Notice that the Orbs are in line with the rays of the light source. Also, the common six sided hexagon shape can been seen on many of these natural Orbs, along with colors from the light spectrum. Pointing a camera directly at a bright light source frequently causes these optic effects, both in still and video pictures.


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