Public Displays of Greiner Sculptures



Cornerstone Church

18755 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78258     

Phone: (210) 490-1600

* Please contact the church for location and access to the sculpture.

Greiner Sculptures On Public Display:

  • The Divine Servant”®, life-size (105%) Bronze Sculpture, #10

Background Information:

In October of 2005, Greiner art collectors, Clyde and Peggy Smith donated Max's life-size "Divine Servant"® bronze sculpture (#10), to Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas.  Originally, they had purchased the bronze from the Artist in January of 1994, for their Hill Country home,"Living Waters Ranch".

However, back In January of 1994, the Greiners were in a financial crisis, because a large IRS Estimated Taxpayment was due, and they did not have the funds to pay it.  After unsuccessfully praying for God to send the money, in desperation, Max cried out and said, " God, am I missing something here, we don't have the money and the taxes are due today?"  Instantly, the Holy Spirit spoke to Max in His "still, small voice" and said, "Call Clyde Smith."

Max immediately picked up the phone and called Clyde, who he had not seen or spoken to in over a year.  Clyde happened to be in town and was able to take the call.

Without revealing their financial dilemma, Max straight out asked Clyde if he would like to buy a life-size "Divine Servant"® bronze that day.  Clyde said, "Yes, possibly."  Clyde then invited Max to come out to the ranch and bring his "Artist Copy" bronze, so the Smiths could see it.  In preparation, before the Artist went to the Smith ranch, Sherry and Max prayed again for the financial miracle they needed.

When Max arrived at "Living Water Ranch", Clyde and Peggy actually ordered a life-size bronze on the spot, and gave Max a 50% advance deposit!  The amount was more than enough to pay the IRS Estimated taxes, that were due in a few hours!

Max raced back to his studio office with the check, and one hour to spare!  However, Max could not find the Estimated Tax Coupons, which his Office Manager at the time, Jimmy Lammers, kept.  Max looked frantically through the office for the tax coupons with no success.

So, Max again cried out to God, "Lord, you gave me the money, but I can't find the tax coupons, help!

The Holy spirit immediately spoke again into Max's spirit and told him where Jimmy had filled the coupons!  With only 10 minutes to spare, Max arrived at the bank's drive-in window and deposited the tax money, on time!

God would later use Max to pray for both Clyde and Peggy to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and for physical healing, which both received back in 1994.

Then, in October of 2005, the Holy Spirit led the Smiths to donate their life-size "Divine Servant"® bronze to their church, Cornerstone Church, so it could be a blessing to more people.  Unknown to the Smiths at the  time, Pastors John and Diana Hagee had been praying since May of 1991, that God would give them one of Greiner's life-size "Divine Servant" bronze sculptures for their church!  The Hagees first saw the piece when Max was interviewed by them on their television show, about his Christian artwork.

God answered the prayers of the Greiners, Smiths and Hagees.  Today, tens of thousands of people are blessed each week, as they enter the church, by seeing the powerful sculpture of Jesus washing the feet of Peter.




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