Public Displays of Greiner Sculptures



Dallas Baptist University

3000 Mountain Creek Parkway 
Dallas, TX 75211 

Phone: (361) 993-4053  

* Please contact the University for location and access to the sculptures.

Greiner Sculptures On Public Display:

  • ·“Divine Servant”®, life-size (105%) Bronze Sculpture, #9
  • ·“Fisher of Men”®, life-size (105%) Bronze Sculpture, #1
  • ·“Fisher of Men”®, life-size (105%) Bronze Sculpture, #4
  • ·“The Great Commission”®, (w/ 48” globe) Bronze Sculpture, #3

Background Information:

The Holy Spirit of God introduced the artist to Dr. Gary Cook, the new President of Dallas Baptist University, in November of 1990.  This introduction occurred at the state convention of Texas Southern Baptists, which was held in Houston, TX.  At the very last minute, by the grace of God, permission was secured from the City of Houston and the Southern Baptists for Max to display his new life-size sculpture. The “Divine Servant”® was placed outside the convention center, on the sidewalk across the street. 

However, because of the traffic flow and distance, very few people noticed the life-size bronze sculpture of Jesus, as they entered the building.  Near the end of the convention, Max was very disappointed that few people had seen his new bronze, considering the thousands that were attending the convention.  Finally in desperation Max prayed and asked God what to do.  At that exact moment, the Holy Spirit spoke toMax, in His “still, small voice” and told him to go inside the convention exhibit hall to meet the Presidents of the Christian colleges.  Max immediately left his position near the art and walked up to the first college booth inside the exhibit hall which was Dallas Baptist University.  Several men were standing in the booth at the time as Max asked for the President of the university. With a big smile, Dr. Gary Cook extended his hand and introduced himself.  Surprised that the school’s president was standing there, Max explained that God had “called” him to create a sculpture of Jesus washing the feet of Peter.  He then asked Dr. Cook if he would walk out of the convention center, and across the street to see the artwork.  Dr. Cook said he would go at that very moment, to Max’s surprise!

Upon seeing the life-size bronze of Jesus, on his knees washing feet, Dr. Cook was deeply moved.  He turned to Max with tears in his eyes and said someday DBUwould have that sculpture on its campus, because he wanted to train servant leaders.  The two men prayed together that God would bring the sculpture to DBU.  A friendship began that day in 1990 between the artist and the President that God would use to literally touch tens of thousands of people for Jesus!.

In the years since, God has used Max’s art and testimony on the DBU campus to lift up Jesus and bless students, faculty and visitors alike.  The various Greiner sculptures around the school visually communicate that DBU belongs to Jesus Christ.  The powerful artwork has become part of the university’s message and identity. 

In addition, God has used Max’s art to help raise tens of thousands of dollars for the school and to honor many special servants of the Lord.  During the first two weeks the “Divine Servant”® was on campus, God used the sculpture to bring some parents to salvation in Christ, as a DBU student explained the meaning of the sculpture.  Other salvations have been reported since this first incident.

Dr. Cook and DBU have used Max’s sculptures over the years to honor many special people and other Christian organizations.  The artist and his wife, Sherry, are eternally grateful to Dr. Cook for “seeing” God’s hand in Max’s artwork and for using it to bring glory, honor and people to Jesus!



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