Supernatural Orbs
"Born-Again" Christians

Since September 2006, Max has received some phenomenal photographs and letters from "Born-Again" believers about what they have witnessed in their churches, homes, workplaces and outdoors concerning the Angelic Orbs. This is a small sample of an ever increasing list:

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Page 1      "Rocky Mountain Orbs" (Nicky & Margie)

Page 2      "Ryan & Nicole Huff Orbs" (Ryan & Nicole Huff)
                "Christ Central Ministries Orbs" (Barbara Franklin)

Page 3      "Pastor Bill Harts' Orb Photo" (Bill Hart)
                  "Christian Interactive Network Orbs" (Greg & Karen Darby)
                  "Birthday Party Orb" (Martha Danielson)

Page 4      "Lionel & Sharon Rowland orbs" (Lionel & Sharon Rowland)

Page 5      "Jean Harder Orbs" (Jean Harder)

Page 6      "Shouts of Joy Orbs!" (Joie Pirkey)

Page 7      "White & Blue Orbs in the Holy Land" (Donna)
                  "Unusual Blue Orbs" (Cindy Rigby)

Page 8      "Conference Orbs" (Iain)
                "Soldier's Chapel Orbs" (Dian Yonkman)
                "Angel Orbs over my Soldier" (Sandra Rehberg)

Page 9       "Good Orbs, Bad Orbs?" (Cynthia Harris)

Page 10     "Earnestly Contending" (Dustin)

Page 11     "Angel Orbs & Glory Dust" (Diane Price)
                  "Confirmation Ceremony" (Kathlene Kohl)

Page 12      "Praise the Lord" (Bertram McMullan III)
                  "First Service" (Phillip Pilago)
                  "Orbs from Niger, Africa" (Sharolyn Coldren)

Page 13       "Orbs Around my Dad" (Brandi Freeman)

Page 14       "Band of Angels" (Holy Avila)

Page 15      "Women Conference Orbs" (Cindy Billings)

Page 16      "Orbs at City of Hope Church" (Shelly Squires)

Page 17      "Jennifer's Raggae Band" (Jennifer Boyd)
                  "Orb Appear Around Statue's Head" (Carol Wakeling)
                    "Children Praise the Lord" (Darrin & Jen Kvam)
                    "Orbs in Zona Maya" (Stephen Peck)

Page 18      "Guardian Angel" (Christa Hope)
                    "Angel Orbs at Costume Party" (Sharon)
                  "Angel Orbs at Conference" (Kristie Walker)
                  "Orb Appears in Family Photo" (Trema Owens)

Page 19     "Night Glow Obs"  (Lorilee)
                   "Protected by Angels" (Leah)
                  "House Warming Orbs" (Natalie Surrorp)

Page 20    "Luis Rivera Orbs"  (Luis Rivera)
                  "Orbs Never Encountered Before" (Christy Luers)
                  "Small Orbs and Large Orbs" (Diane Paugh)

Page 21     "Angel Orbs Attend 50 Anniversary . . ."
                  "and . . . Son's Mission in Peru" (Werner Honsalek)
                  "Orbs" (Cheryl Whitten)
                  "Orbs in Africa" (Willis Lawton)

Page 22   " Ein Gedi by Dead Sea"(Karen Lohrmann )
                " Brother's Funeral" (Kim)

Page 23  " Face to Face Dancers"(Adina)
                " Christmas and Church Orbs" (Dawn)
                " An Angelic Glow" (Diana)

Page 24
" Marriage Orbs"(Diana Greiner-Evans )

Page 25     "Worship Orbs" (Ben and Jessica)
                  "Mission Trip in Uganda Orbs" (Danny Davis)
                  "Orbs in Australia" (Christie Andersen)





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